Цитати: „Head-over-heels for the wrong guy“ – Јаневска Марија


– So wait, you say he was the one?
Yes, he is, still, I mean, you know, he used to…
– Wait! Stop it. How are you so sure he is the one?
Well I feel it. You know the energy and stuff? Chemistry?
– But he acts like a total prick! Just see from the outside babe, he is nothing compared to how’s he portrayed in your mind.
Yeah, I know I don’t love him, but I’m addicted to the chemistry and now, I’m scared…
– You’re scared?
Yes, I’m terrified!!!!
– Of what?
That I’ll never feel that way again with anyone. That no one will ever live up to his deeds and the things that he did to me. That no one will ever live up to my expectation!
– But babe, wait up… That’s not love! That’s head-over-heels for the wrong guy and you should stop doing that to yourself! Just stop it…
How come?
– Well, he’s not good enough in reality. I know he’s the best, but that’s only in your head and outside? Outside babe, you are Angelina Jolie for him. Simple as that.
So what do I do now?
– Now babe, you just start living your life. Again. The way you deserve it. You are a good girl. You should know how many things you really deserve. And just let it go.


– Јаневска Марија, 2012


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